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Signage Player

Signage Player
Brand: Geovision Model: 89-PC00B1-10AB
Model Number: GV-PA200 Manufacturer SKU Number: 89-PC00B1-10AB Sales Part Number: 710-PA200-000 PA200 is a digital media player, which is designed to play the digital audio and video contents on TVs, computer monitors, or any compatible display devices. The device is built-in a USB port, a SD ..
Brand: Geovision Model: 89-PN40000-B10U
The PN400 is a digital media player designed to deliver uninterrupted playback of Digital Signage presentations. It supports not only the playback of a HDMI-compliant source device, such as a DVD player and digital TV Box, but also the multimedia playback up to 4K2K. IR remote control and USB mouse ..
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