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81-SRFD190-10US Geovision GV-RU9003 Outdoor UHF RFID 24 Bits Long Range Reader

GV-RU9003 is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader of ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2) standard. Desi..


84-DFR1352-0200 Geovision GV-DFR1352 Outdoor Door Frame Card Reader

Model Number: GV-DFR1352 card Reader Manufacturer SKU Number: 84-DFR1352-1000 Sales Part Number: 52..


84-FR20200-0010 Geovision GV-FR2020 Face Recognition Reader

The face recognition reader can work with GV-AS Controller and GV-ASManager to create a complete acc..


84-PCR1352-0010 Geovision GV-PCR1352 Enrollment Reader

Model Number: GV-PCR1352Manufacturer SKU Number: 84-PCR1352-0010 USB card reader, supporting 13.56 ..


84-PCR3100-0010 Geovision GV-PCR310 Enrollment Reader

Model Number: GV-PCR310 Manufacturer SKU Number: 84-PCR3100-0010 Sales Part Number: 520-PCR310-000 ..


84-R135200-0200 Geovision GV-R1352 Card Reader 13.56MHz IP66 Outdoor Rated

Model Number: GV-R1352 card reader Manufacturer SKU Number: 84-R135200-0200 Sales Part Number: 520-R..


84-RK13520-0200 Geovision Card Reader with Keypad 13.56MHz IP66 Outdoor Rated

Model Number: GV-RK1352 card Reader Manufacturer SKU Number: 84-RK13520-0200Sales Part Number: 520-..


84-SR12510-0100 Geovision GV-SR1251 Outdoor 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader

Specifications CPU - 8‐bit microprocessor Frequency - 125 KHz (Proximity EM Card) Wiegand ..